We are a Medical Aesthetic skin care centre, working closely with medical practitioners ensuring that we follow the highest code of ethics and conduct and employs only the best calibre of therapists. We ensure that we can offer you the latest and best possible treatments available globally."



Botox and Fillers         Sclerotherapy

Skin Rejuvenation       Vein Removal

Wrinkle reduction       Skin Tightening

Chemical Peeling        Anti-aging


BOTOX AND FILLERS - In association with a medical aesthetic doctor


Prices are approximate amounts. Botox is charged at 60-00 per unit and may in some instances be less than the amount shown below.

Consultation R350.00
Brow Lift or bunny lines R500.00
Chin R600.00
Crows feet or Frown R1400.00
Forehead R800.00
Oral angle lift R450.00
Neck bands  R2000.00
Nefertiti contour lift   R1200.00
Peri-oral lines R 300.00
Axillary Sweat R   R4500.00
Filler    R 2800.00
Volumising Filler  R 3000.00
Injection - lipolysis   R 650.00




















SCHLEROTHERAPY - In association with a medical aesthetic doctor

Assessment     R350.00

Blue veins, Thread veins & Spider veins     R850.00

(per 30-45min treatment)


Surgical compression stockings or compression bandages   R750.00