NeoStrata chemical peels: 

Buy 4 and get 5 NeoStrata peels.

Glycolic 20% peel (pigmentation & textural issues)

Glycolic 35% peel (pigmentation & textural issues)

Glycolic 50% peel (pigmentation & textural issues)

Retinol 3% (Anti aging, acne and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation treatment)

SkinTech TCA chemical peels:

Easy TCA pain control chemcial peel (melasma & sun-induced pigmentation, acne, aging)

Skin consultation Complimentary
Glycolic 20% peel R550
Glycolic 35% peel R550
Glycolic 50% peel R600
Retinol 3% R850
SkinTech TCA pain control R2000






BOTOX AND FILLERS - In association with a medical aesthetic doctor, available upon request

Prices may be subjected to change with stockist price increase.